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Joe Gatto is a Private Chef, Culinary Instructor, author and host of the cutting edge cooking show From Scratch. Joe is a private chef client list included a star Boston Red Sox player and the CEO and founder of iRobot among others. In 2015 he was fully funded and shot a full season of his show From Scratch. Bringing his passion for scratch cooking, big personality and knowledge of film, he has created the most unique cooking show out there. From making his own charcoal, hand forging his own knife to milking cows to make butter and cheese, Joe goes all out to make an engaging, intelligent show.  Joe also hosts major food events in and around Boston including Boston Magazine’s The Cue.  He has recently finished his first book, Seriously From Scratch that comes out nationally in September of 2016. He also works with the Boys and Girls club, The YMCA and many other charities donating his time and skills to help people learn to cook from scratch.

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