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01: New England Clam Bake

Getting pinched, stuck in the muck, and keeping the crew from stealing bites of lobster are just a few of the challenges Chef Joe encounters on his quest to get the freshest ingredients for an assortment of seafood dishes, one new, one nostalgic, and the last one epic. The Classic New England Clambake cooked in an earth oven on the beach is the end goal on this episode of From Scratch.  


02: Tamale

In this episode, Chef Joe makes one of his all-time favorite dishes, but starts with hand forging steel into a custom chef’s knife. Butcher, Mike Dulock gives a lesson in breaking down a whole hog. Eventually, the crew gets lost and his cameraman gets crazy searching for ingredients in this south of the border surprise that leads to a Pinata party with the best from scratch Tamales to date. 


03: Hotdogs & Hamburgers

If you’ve ever wondered what’s in a hotdog, you want to watch this episode of From Scratch. Chef Joe, makes probably, the best hot dog in the history of hotdogs while at the same time reinventing the hamburger with the unexpected cuts of meat including two different kinds of homemade bacon. Even the condiments are handmade with produce from Fenway farms, yes that Fenway. Beef, bacon, and baseball all come together in this farmer’s market fresh hotdog and hamburger extravaganza. 


04: Reuben

Chef Joe redefines home cooked when three generations of Gatto’s bake a loaf of their traditional bread using the kitchen Joe grew up cooking in. Where do you go from there? How about trying make salt the old fashion way. Then, the “Cheese Queen” is Chef Joe’s special guest who shows him everything we didn’t know about making your own cheese. After perfecting the art of smoking pastrami Joe brings all the ingredients together for a picnic serving what is the world’s best Reuben Sandwich.


05: Pizza Pie

The crew gets a little crazy at Rising Tide Brewery to start off this Pizza From Scratch spectacular. Getting up close and personal with a cow is the best way to getting the right ingredients for a great mozzarella cheese. Grinding flour, finding the right tomatoes, and smorgasbord of charcuterie all come together for a block bash in Portland Maine to celebrate one of the most enduring and dynamic dishes…the pizza pie.   


06: Whole Hog

Homemade charcoal and carefully crafted booze fuel this backyard barbeque in honor of Chef Joe’s birthday. What the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets and Joe gets a whole hog on a rotisserie over a huge flame in his backyard filled with friends and family. Don’t worry, there’ll be fruits and vegetables too in this classic American BBQ to celebrate Chef Joe’s birthday. 


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